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"We have worked with Kim for the past 2 years and have been impressed with the results we have seen. The EOS system is a vital part of our organization and our leadership team is a cohesive and productive unit. Living in the 90-day world has made it possible for us to ensure we are exceeding our goals.  We could not have done it without Kim's knowledge and expertise."

John L

"After trying to self-implement and failing to see the benefit of the EOS system, we partnered with Kim as a fractional integrator. We are enjoying the progress we are making and it is making a huge impact not only on our bottom line, but our employee culture and client satisfaction."

Lisa K

“Having Kim as a fractional integrator has brought our company clarity in ways we didn’t know were possible. After working with Kim, our company benefits from better communication and effective problem-solving skills. The organizational tools Kim uses helped to structure our goals, measure our data, and prioritize our issues. Her interpretation of EOS has truly transformed the leaders of our company.”